password changer for cPanel/whm

Password changer program that is on of my free  software for cPanel/WHM to change all server sites at one step.

How many times you suffered from a client request ,, want all server sites info and the harder you find that all sites of more than 200 accounts.. of course will worry a lot and will have to change the password for each site separately and will also make lot of time to do change password and arrangement the info.

So in this situation must be use my program “Password Changer” its easy and so fast.

Pro name        : Password Changer
Programmer : HOSSAM
Copy rights    : , ,
Downloads     : Click here

Installation Instruction: read more..

  • Login to SSH your server
  • wget
  • tar -xzf password_changer.tar.gz
  • cd password_changer
  • Run the prog with this command =>   python
  • Go to WHM >> Plugins >> Passowrd Changer
    You find 2 options :
    First : change all sites password
    Second : change specific sites password like this pic

  • See here sites information very arrangement.

  • You can also use it from SSH, at program directory run this command =>  python
    Put number 1 to change all sites password
    Put number 2 to change specific sites password [notice : must be create file at this path “/root/sites” and put user name or domains per line.

Enjoy 🙂

6 Responses to “password changer for cPanel/whm”

  1. nognog says on :

    لا أستطيع فتح الملفات التى نزلتها من النت فهى تحتاج الى كلمة سر عند التسطيب

  2. Hossam says on :

    اى ملف بالضبط الذى يطلب باسورد ؟

  3. ahmed says on :

    جميل جدا

  4. Aaa says on :

    كيف يتم حذف البرنامج ؟

  5. Hossam says on :

    يمكنك حذف البرنامج بالامر التالى
    rm -rf /usr/local/cpanel/whostmgr/cgi/addon_pass_changer.cgi

  6. Abo Salma says on :

    عمل رائع اخي حسام تسلم ايدك

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