Addon Information:

Addon     : cPGS Monitor
Version   : 1.2  -  for [cPGS 0.7.0 +]
Author    : HOSSAM
EMail       : hossam [at]
Website  :   and
Features : web interface monitor to game server . you can use it on your site or blog to watch it all people for information.

Last update [19 June 2010 , 09:50  PM]

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 Installation Instruction:

1 - Login on your ssh server and download monitor addon

2 - Extract tar file "tar -xzf  cpgs_monitor_v1.2.tar.gz"

3 - Enter into the folder "cpgs_monitor_v1.2/server" and change mode to this file "" and ""
chmod +x
chmod +x

4 - Start installation, Run this file ""
And go to WHM you will find it in left menu on the cpgs main page.
( Go to "Plugins" >> "Game Server Management" >> "cPGS Monitor Version ( 1.2 )" )

Or install it from SSH from this file "" step by step.

5 - upload "cpgs_monitor/client" contents on your site destination.
change mode for "" 755

Notice : you can edit the design from HTML code in this file "" but be careful when you edit it.


 Uninstallation Instruction:

Run this file ""
And fill the info.

Or uninstall it from WHM

Notice : In uninstall option from SSH you can uninstall the addon completely or uninstall some specific monitors for servers. as you like :)


 About  addon & web interface:

I used in this addon :
==> Python programming language
==> HTML
==> Ajax

The interface its html and ajax (javascript)
The information will updating automatically without reload page


 Addon Requirements:

cPGS must be installed first :)
Python 2.4.3 ( This version default on your linux server )
javascript and HTML supported ( Default on your linux server )


cPGS Monitor